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A converstion with two immigrants.


Recently I had the privilege of dining with two individuals whose life stories were as compelling as they were inspiring.

The first gentleman, “Mr. Giovanni”, had an aura of quiet resilience about him. Born in Italy during the tumultuous era of Mussolini, he had witnessed firsthand the ravages of fascism. His father, a vocal critic of the regime, had paid the ultimate price for his bravery, leaving young Giovanni to navigate a world of uncertainty and fear. Years later, as he sat across from me, his eyes held a depth of experience that was both haunting and enlightening.

As we delved into our meal, Giovanni shared his perspective on the current state of affairs in the United States. "I never imagined," he said with a solemn tone, "that a country celebrated for its freedom could echo the shadows of a past I hoped was long behind us. Political prisoners, divisive politics—it's all too familiar." His words resonated with a somber truth, a reminder of the cyclical nature of history.  He also discussed his success with properties In New York city and how Trump was responsible for making New York a great place to own properties and to live.

The second gentleman, “Mr. Ahmed”, nodded in agreement. He, too, was an immigrant, having come from a country where opportunities were scarce, and success was a distant dream. Ahmed's journey to success was a testament to his perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our conversation naturally drifted to the challenges faced by the younger generation in starting their own businesses. "There are many hurdles," Ahmed acknowledged, mentioning government regulations and economic uncertainties. But it was his next observation that struck a chord with me. "What many young people lack today is the willingness to endure short-term hardships for long-term success. They seek immediate gratification, not realizing that the path to achievement is often paved with years of toil and perseverance."

As we finished our meal, the stories and insights shared by these two remarkable individuals left me deep in thought. Their experiences were a mirror to the past and a lens to the present, reminding us that the lessons of history are invaluable guides for navigating the complexities of our time. With a renewed sense of perspective, I stepped out of the café, grateful for the wisdom imparted and the stories told, echoes of the past illuminating the path forward.  Both of these men came to America with no capital but were filled with the American Dream and the opportunity to create their own lives on their terms. Decided to write and post this because their stories left a lasting impression on me.

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