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An Update from Congressman Green's Office

An Update From Congressman Mark Green's Office

In a recent communication from Congressman Mark Green's office, several key updates and legislative actions were highlighted, reflecting the Congressman's ongoing efforts and concerns, particularly regarding immigration, national security, and fiscal responsibility. Here's a closer look at the updates shared:

Immigration and Homeland Security

Congressman Green expressed strong opposition to the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) notification about the possibility of over 500 illegal immigrants being relocated to communities in Middle Tennessee, including Davidson County, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. Highlighting the lack of information about these individuals, including their criminal history, Congressman Green stated this situation as "absolutely unacceptable."

Further, Green criticized the "unprecedented chaos at the Southwest border" under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' leadership, advocating for impeachment due to what he views as a disregard for the rule of law. The Homeland Security Committee, on which Green serves, recently held a 15-hour markup session for articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, aiming to address what Green describes as a "willful and systemic disregard for the rule of law."

Legislative Updates

Green has been active in sponsoring and supporting various legislative measures, including:

- Co-sponsoring Rep. Chip Roy's FACE Act Repeal Act, aimed at protecting peaceful pro-life activists.

- Voting in favor of Rep. McClintock's No Immigration Benefits for Hamas Terrorists Act.

- Supporting Rep. Feenstra's Death Tax Repeal Act to alleviate the burden on Tennessee farmers.

- Standing with Leader Scalise and Senator Ted Cruz in an amicus brief supporting President Trump's appeal against his disqualification from the Colorado ballot.

- Voting against a Continuing Resolution, citing concerns over "Pelosi-era spending" and the need to curb fiscal recklessness.

Homeland Security and Foreign Policy

The Congressman's efforts extend beyond immigration to broader national security and foreign policy issues. He has voiced concerns over the Biden administration's handling of foreign adversaries and criticized the removal of terrorist designations for certain groups, which he views as a mistake with serious repercussions.

Community Engagement and Assistance

Despite the focus on national and security issues, Green's office remains committed to serving the constituents of Tennessee's 7th District. Recent engagements include attending the Tennessee State Guard Banquet and recognizing the Bank of Perry County for its long-standing service to the community. Additionally, his office offers assistance with federal agencies and passport issues, ensuring that constituents have the support they need.

In the News

Congressman Green has been vocal in various media appearances, discussing the border crisis, the impeachment efforts against Secretary Mayorkas, and other pressing issues. His participation in discussions on platforms such as Fox News, SuperTalk 99.7, and Newsmax highlights his active role in shaping public discourse on these matters.


Congressman Mark Green's recent update underscores his commitment to addressing immigration, national security, and fiscal responsibility. Through legislative efforts, committee work, and public engagement, he aims to tackle what he perceives as critical challenges facing his constituents and the country at large.

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