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“Coming to a community near you; the war in your backyard.”

Even the Pollyanna media cannot ignore the threat on our border. Illegal immigration continues to expand and increase across the Southern border. The value of the border territory to the cartels increases daily. Cartels, who exploit every opportunity to increase their power and exploit any weakness for financial gain, will fight for territory. There will be a marked increase in the level of violence between the cartels, and significant collateral damage among innocents on both sides of the border is inevitable. The experience of our USCBP, state, and local law enforcement agencies along the Southern border tells us we will see an escalation in the level of violence as territory is claimed, fought over, and “protected” by smugglers and cartels alike. It is common sense that any delay in responding favors the cartels; those who prefer to live in a dream world should not pretend otherwise. These wars, waged by highly organized criminal enterprises, will inevitably spill over into the United States. The cartels are ruthless and efficient in forcing their will upon anyone they perceive as weaker. Currently, our government is not demonstrating the will or fortitude required to stand up to these monsters. Border towns - and towns and cities hours from the border - will suffer immense harm as the Biden administration’s open-border policy creates the ideal environment for cartel turf wars. Biden’s inaction perversely invites and fosters horrendous violence and abuse of illegal immigrants by not enforcing immigration laws in this country. For our nation, the significant risks of not knowing who is entering our country and the fundamental failure to discern the intentions of these criminal aliens pose dangerous threats to our national security and the safety of our public and communities. This is a huge red flag to our country that every citizen must heed. The danger is real and imminent. Cartel violence invites egregious crimes that include sex trafficking, drug trafficking, and other heinous crimes. These criminal enterprises are well organized and are ruthless...The relentless wave after wave of illegals is not the product of chance. -- Dr. Jon Spiers is a cardiac surgeon and former U.S. Army reservist who sustained a life-altering hand injury leading to a second career in law and politics. He is currently running to be Texas

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