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Dialogue and Dedication

A Night of Dialogue and Dedication at the Republican Liberty Caucus Meeting.

Members of the Republican Liberty Caucus gathered to address some of the most pressing issues facing our community and our nation. It was not just another meeting; it was a rallying cry for action and engagement, vital for those who value liberty and responsible governance.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us on April 24th. Your presence, financial support, and ongoing involvement are the backbone of our cause, ensuring that the flame of liberty continues to burn brightly for future generations.

Our discussion was centered on the plight of America's most underrepresented group—hardworking, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens. These individuals often bear the heaviest burdens: high taxation, the erosion of savings due to inflation, and the gradual encroachment on their rights. These challenges are not just numbers on a paper; they represent real struggles that require immediate and thoughtful action.

Conservatives/Republicans only have a slight control of ½ of ⅓ of the government. Despite holding only approximately 16% of control within the government's branches, our group understands the significance of robust action and unwavering support from our base. This minimal control underscores the necessity for each of us to step up, stay involved, and possibly adopt a conservative candidate or join the caucus if one hasn't yet.

The meeting also reflected on our successes, such as the recent event with Congressman Mark Green, and the anticipation of future engagements in Broward County. 

However, despite reports of a thriving economy, we urged members to look deeper. The realities many Americans face are stark—increased mortgage defaults, rising auto repossessions, and seniors returning to the workforce out of necessity. The economic indicators from the Federal Beige Book reveal a troubling picture, one of escalating debts and bleak job prospects for our youth.

Turning Point also had a representative at the meeting, discussing their impactful work in South Florida. Their presence added a valuable perspective on how conservative movements can effectively influence regional and national policies.

As we continue these crucial conversations, we remain committed to staying informed, involved, and impassioned. Our goal is clear: to forge a path that honors our principles and secures a prosperous future for all law-abiding, hard-working Americans.

Let's keep the momentum going, and make every meeting a step towards meaningful change.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and let’s look forward to a future where our values pave the way for a brighter America.

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