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Honored for Exceptional Work.


Contact: Bob Sutton

May 15, 2023

Chairman Bob Sutton and Calatrava Strategies, LLC Honored for Exceptional International Efforts

We are thrilled to announce that for the second time in less than a year, the diligent efforts of Chairman Bob Sutton, Celeste Ellich, and their team at Calatrava Strategies, LLC, have been formally recognized.

Calatrava Strategies, LLC, a global consulting firm known for its strong ties with United States business partners and conservatives worldwide, has yet again demonstrated its commitment to transparency and fair play. Their recent efforts led to the marginalization of an individual on Interpol's RED notice, and this initiative has not gone unnoticed.

Building Vision Algeria, Limited (BVA), expressed its heartfelt gratitude, stating: "On behalf of our entire BVA Team and friends in Algeria, we would like to formally put on record our thanks to you for your various efforts in attempting to expose MAK and their endeavors in the United States and around the world."

Chairman Bob Sutton, in response to the accolades, said, "We are delighted to be recognized for our work, but the real victory is in the service to our community, our country, and our partners across the globe. We strive for a world where transparency and accountability are not exceptions but norms."

Working hand-in-hand with a diverse array of entities, from domestic business enterprises to international allies, Calatrava Strategies, LLC's work is a testament to their dedication to ethical practices and commitment to global security.

According to the United States District Court, a law firm was paid $10,200,000.00 to complete a public relations campaign for an international provider of medical equipment. When the firm that was paid failed to complete their assignment, Chairman Bob Sutton was contacted. The request was completed in a few weeks.

Calatrava Strategies, LLC. would also like to congratulate the United States candidates that they worked with. All of their candidates won their race. One of the candidates was able to flip a district that was a strong hold to the opposition for over four decades. A national video for the Georgia candidate was produced, but we were not able to get the Governor's seat in Georgia.

Finally, working with the 917 Society two very successful events were held in South Florida. One at Mar-a-Lago and one at a private event in Southwest Ranches. Thank you to the Florida Founding members and the 917 Society. Because of your hard work and donations, many students around the nation will soon be receiving their very own personal pocket U.S. Constitution.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Chairman Bob Sutton, Celeste Ellich, and the entire team at Calatrava Strategies, LLC. Their tireless efforts continue to shape a safer and more transparent global landscape.

For more information about Calatrava Strategies, LLC, please visit

About Calatrava Strategies, LLC: Calatrava Strategies, LLC is a global consulting firm working closely with U.S. business partners and conservatives around the world. The firm has a distinguished record of service and a strong commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and global security. Calatrava Strategies, LLC provides strategic advice, advocacy, and comprehensive solutions to their clients to navigate complex global issues.

About Chairman Bob Sutton: Chairman Bob Sutton is an experienced leader and strategist recognized for his commitment to ethics, transparency, and security in business practices. Under his guidance, Calatrava Strategies, LLC has been instrumental in addressing complex global issues and has been recognized for their efforts on multiple occasions.

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