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Mark Green

Updated: Jan 19

The Indisputable Case of Mark Green: Standing Firm Against 'Woke' Immigration Policies


In a recent, stirring statement, Congressman Mark Green accused Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of abusing his position to enforce 'woke' immigration policies on the United States. His impassioned speech highlighted the far-reaching consequences of Mayorkas' actions, drawing attention to a crisis that transcends state borders and impacts the nation as a whole.

The Heart of the Matter

Green's argument is rooted in the belief that every state in the U.S. is now effectively a border state, thanks to policies that have been exploited by drug cartels. This exploitation, he asserts, has led to extensive damage across the country. He emphasizes that the policies in question violate laws established by Congress and undermine the very fabric of our constitutional system.

One of the most troubling aspects highlighted by Green is the widespread release of immigrants into the country, which he views as a clear violation of the law. This action disregards both Congressional intent and judicial authority, as evidenced by four court rulings ordering a cessation of these practices.

The Human Cost

Perhaps most compelling in Green's statement is the human cost of these policies. He discusses the tragic consequences of fentanyl poisoning, which has claimed the lives of thousands, including children. This crisis is a direct result of the current border policies, which have allowed for an increase in drug trafficking.

Economic and Security Implications

Green also sheds light on the economic burden of these policies, highlighting the costs associated with healthcare for undocumented immigrants, and the strain on state resources and public services. Furthermore, he raises concerns about national security, questioning how many potentially harmful individuals have entered the country due to lax border controls.

The Call for Accountability

Green's closing remarks are a powerful call for accountability. He insists on the need for Congress to act in defense of the Constitution and uphold its responsibility to the American people. His words are a reminder of the importance of adhering to the rule of law and the dangers of executive overreach.


In conclusion, Mark Green's statement is a clear and powerful indictment of the current administration's immigration policies. It serves as a call to action for those concerned about the integrity of our nation's laws and the well-being of its citizens.

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Now the Supreme Court gives permission to take down the barb wire because the illegal immigrants are getting cut up from trying to cross over it, calling it inhumane. Then the ones that are drug runners and felons come over and spread violence. There is no sanctification in allowing this to occur. Mark Green is a true hero for standing up for America. May God be with him every step of the way.

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