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Chairman Bob University

What are a candidates firsts steps? 
Why do I need signed petitions? 
How do I host an event? 
Where can I find donation lists? 
How do position research? 
What is a precinct? 
How do I get funding? 
What is a precinct committee person? 
What is a precinct letter? 
How do I get endorsements? 

Questions?  Ask the Chairman

Candidate Training

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Like any competition there are rules, techniques and best practices. Learn how to run a winning campaign.



Candidates need to communicate with voters? Websites, yard signs, precinct letters, palm cards etc. Design and craft a winning message.

Team Building


A strong ground game needs a strong team and volunteers. Building a trusted campaign team is key to getting elected.  

My candidate support network has built a library dedicated to educating and preparing you for success. Register below for more information and access. 

Thank you, we will contact you shortly.

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