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Updated: Mar 31

Dear Esteemed Guests,


As we gather this evening at the iconic Mar-A-Lago, the esteemed residence of the 45th and 47th President of the United States, I am filled with a profound sense of privilege and gratitude. It is not every day that one has the honor of attending an event in such a storied location, surrounded by rooms full of passionate Republicans. However, tonight is a unique honor that stands apart from countless functions I've been fortunate enough to attend.


Tonight, we come together as a room full of Patriots, united in a cause that is fundamental to the very essence of our great nation. We are here to celebrate and support the 917 Society, an organization dedicated to a mission critical for the perseverance of our Republic: educating our youth about the Constitution, ensuring they understand that their rights are endowed by their Creator, not granted by the government. This understanding is the cornerstone of our freedom, the bedrock upon which our country was founded.


I would like to take a moment to highlight a remarkable achievement made possible by the hard work and dedication of Joni, Mery, and Celeste. Their efforts, supported by your generous donations, have led to a historic milestone in Broward County. Every 8th-grade student was provided with a pocket Constitution. This accomplishment is a testament to what we can achieve together, and I ask you to join me in giving them a well-deserved round of applause.


As we kick off tonight's event, let's make our voices heard. It is time for Palm Beach County, and indeed the whole nation, to hear our proud chant of "USA". Let's demonstrate our patriotic spirit, loud and clear. Chant "USA". That was inspiring, but I believe that we can do better. It sounded like those on the left were just a little louder. Once more, with all of the fervor we possess. "USA". Thank you for your enthusiasm in being the heartbeat of our Republic.


Tonight, I also have the distinct honor of acknowledging our generous sponsors, Gabriela and Dragos Sprinciana. Dragos embodies the American Dream and is a living testament to the idea that our Republic and the values it stands for are indeed worth fighting for. His journey and achievements remind us all of the opportunities that our great nation offers those who are willing to pursue them with courage and determination. Dragos is a son that would make any father proud.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to my humble friend and fellow patriot Dragos and his beautiful wife Gabriela, for their dedication and support to our cause.


On behalf of Mar-A-Lago and the 917 Society, I thank each one of you for being here tonight. Your presence and support, your generosity, are what makes this event possible. Together, we are not just preserving history; we are shaping the future, ensuring that the flames of liberty continue to burn brightly for generations to come.


Let us enjoy this evening filled with unity, purpose, and patriotic fervor.


May God Bless the USA and each one of you.

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