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Congressman Mark Green

Please join me in thanking our hosts tonight, April, Katheryn, Belinda, Celeste, Teresa,    and Jake thank you for your beautiful home.

Our Republic only works when we the people are involved. Today we have a government that reflects what happens when we the  people are not involved.  Most of our elected officials now represent themselves and their concerns, not us.

Those of you that are here tonight thank you. Thank you for sharing your time and treasure.  Thank you for staying involved.  Thank you for your efforts to keep our Republic open for the next generation.

The most underrepresented group of people in the United States are the hard-working, taxing paying, law abiding citizens. They are the first to be taxed, have their savings devalued due to inflation, and they are the first to have their rights compromised and taken away.

Please keep in mind that Republicans barely control 1/2 of 1/3 or 16% of the government.

Tonight we have with us a gentleman that is a Veteran, a Patriot, and a Congressman. Congressman Mark Green is fighting for the hard-working, Bill paying, law abiding citizens of this country. Please join me in welcoming Congressman, Veteran,and Patriot Mark Green to South Florida.

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