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Honoring the Constitution

The 917 Society Honors our U.S. Constitution by Distributing over 25,000 Student Pocket Constitutions to Broward County Schools

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – In a landmark initiative to foster constitutional awareness among the youth, The 917 Society has proudly announced the distribution of over 25,000 student pocket constitutions to 178 Public & Private schools in Broward County. This commendable act is in line with the celebration of 9.17, which marks the significance of the U.S. Constitution.

Florida Founders Club Members of The 917 Society, Lead by Dr. Mery Lopez-Palma, orchestrated and planned with a group of over 50 volunteers for over 4 months made this endeavor happen. Other members such as Celeste Ellich, and Bob Sutton, in tandem along with several dedicated members of Dr. Palmas family, Armando Palma, Elizabeth Palma, and close friends Brenda Fam, Ismael Cabezas, Olga Santamaria, and Cole Wilson have been the backbone of this massive endeavor.

Their collective dedication ensured that thousands of 8th grade students now have access to a tangible version of the country’s foundational document. Their efforts were bolstered by the support of Broward County Schools Superintendent Dr. Peter B. Licata, Coconut Creek Commissioner John Brodie, Weston Commissioner Chris Eddy, and School Board member Brenda Fam, who also played instrumental roles in this initiative.

"It is important that students know that their rights are from the creator," says a representative & Founder Joni Bryan of the 917 Society, emphasizing the innate human rights recognized by the Constitution.

It is so important that all of our children know just how blessed they are to wake up in the U.S.A and have the freedoms we have in this country, says Dr. Mery Lopez-Palma who escaped from communist Cuba at a young age.."

The 917 Society's initiative is more than just a distribution of material; it's an effort to sow the seeds of constitutional knowledge and respect among the youth, ensuring that the values the U.S. was founded upon continue to be cherished by future generations.

About the 917 Society:

The 917 Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the importance and relevance of the U.S. Constitution, ensuring that the legacy of this vital document remains alive for the coming generations.

For media inquiries, please contact The 917 Society Founder and Executive DIrector, Joni Bryan at 256-668-5590 or Bob Sutton at 954-683-9597.

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