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Teachers Under Bidonomics

Updated: Feb 14

Simplified Monthly Budget for a Teacher in Broward County

Monthly Income

  • After-Tax Income: $4,166

Monthly Expenses

  1. Housing: $2,832.50

  • Includes mortgage, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and utilities.

  1. Transportation: $720

  • Includes car payment, maintenance, insurance, and fuel.

  1. Food: $600

  • Includes groceries and dining out.

  1. Entertainment and Recreation: $150

  2. Retirement Savings: $550

  • 10% of monthly income.

  1. Health and Personal: $250

  • Includes HSA contributions and personal care.

  1. Cell Phone and Internet: $130

  2. Special Occasions and Holiday Gifts: $50

Total Monthly Expenses: $5,282.50

Net Balance

  • Income vs. Expenses: $4,166 (Income) - $5,282.50 (Expenses) = -$1,116.50


This simplified budget shows that a teacher in Broward County faces a monthly shortfall of approximately $1,116.50, highlighting the need for careful financial planning, potential additional income sources, or adjustments in spending habits to bridge the gap between income and expenses.

Budgeting Tips

  • Prioritize Essential Spending: Focus on housing, food, and transportation, looking for ways to reduce costs in these categories.

  • Increase Savings: Look for additional ways to save, whether through discounts, loyalty programs, or budget-friendly choices.

  • Supplemental Income: Consider part-time work, tutoring, or other income sources to increase monthly earnings.

  • Review and Adjust Regularly: Regularly revisiting the budget to adjust for changes in income, expenses, or financial goals is crucial for maintaining financial health.

This budget serves as a starting point for financial planning, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and proactive management to navigate the cost of living in Broward County effectively.

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