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The Budget and Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility Act.....

Rep. Green Statement on Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling and Cut Spending

WASHINGTON—Today, Rep. Mark Green released the following statement on the vote to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending, the Fiscal Responsibility Act:

“The Fiscal Responsibility Act lifts the current debt limit but caps non-defense discretionary spending at $704 billion for FY24—a $53 billion cut from the projected 2024 baseline. Despite barely holding a majority in the House, having enough Democrats in the Senate to pass a clean debt ceiling, and having Democrat control of the White House, Republicans in the House got the President to negotiate, even after he said he wouldn’t."

"There’s no question about it, this legislation puts constraints on the Biden agenda. Because we stood our ground against President Biden when he insisted on passing a clean debt limit, we stopped his ridiculous student loan repayment moratorium and took back $28 billion in unspent COVID funds.

This bill is not ideal, but considering the make-up of our government, the Republicans punched above their weight class and passed a debt ceiling increase that contained key conservative victories.”

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