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We have moved from "We the People" to We the Elected.

Updated: Mar 31

Title: The Evolution of Representation in American Democracy: From "We the People" to "We, the Elected"


The founding of the United States was predicated on the revolutionary idea that governance should be by the consent of the governed, encapsulated in the phrase "We the People" from the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. This principle aimed to establish a government that represents the interests, rights, and will of its citizens. However, there is a growing sentiment that today's political landscape has shifted from this foundational ethos towards a scenario where elected officials primarily serve their interests or those of a select few, rather than the collective needs of their constituents.

Discussion Points:

1. Historical Context:

- Exploration of the framers' intentions in establishing a representative democracy.

- How the mechanisms of representation were designed to ensure accountability and reflect the will of the people.

2. Perceived Shift in Representation:

- Examples and perceptions that suggest a drift from representing the broad public to narrower interests.

- The role of campaign financing, lobbying, and political polarization in potentially exacerbating this shift.

3. Impact on Governance and Public Trust:

- Analysis of how this perceived shift affects policy-making and governance.

- The implications for public trust in government and institutions.

4. Comparative Perspectives:

- How does the U.S. experience compare with other democracies around the world?

- Lessons that can be learned from other systems in bridging the gap between elected officials and their constituents.

5. Pathways to Realigning Representation with "We the People":

- Discussion of reforms and initiatives that could enhance the responsiveness and accountability of elected officials.

- The role of civic engagement, education, and technology in fostering a more participatory democracy.


Reflecting on the ideals of "We the People," this discussion seeks to understand the complexities and challenges of maintaining a government that truly represents its citizens in a rapidly changing world. The goal is to explore how the principles of democracy can be revitalized to ensure that government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Invitation for Participation:

We invite participants to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions on how to bridge the gap between elected officials and the constituents they represent. How can we ensure that our government remains true to the democratic principles upon which it was founded?

  1. #WeThePeopleEvolution - Captures the overarching theme of how the concept of "We the People" has evolved over time in American democracy.

  2. #FoundingPrinciplesUSA - Highlights discussions related to the intentions of the framers of the Constitution and the foundational principles of American democracy.

  3. #RepresentationShift - Focuses on the perceived shift from broad public representation to narrower, self-serving interests among elected officials.

  4. #DemocracyInAction - Encourages exploration of how democratic principles are applied in governance and how they might be revitalized.

  5. #PublicTrustGov - Centers on the implications of representation shifts on public trust in government and institutions.

  6. #GlobalDemocracyLessons - Invites comparative perspectives on how different democracies handle representation and what lessons can be learned.

  7. #ReformForThePeople - Dedicated to discussing potential reforms and initiatives to improve responsiveness and accountability in government.

  8. #CivicEngagementMatters - Highlights the importance of civic engagement, education, and technology in fostering a participatory democracy.

  9. #AccountableGovernance - Focuses on the need for elected officials to remain accountable to their constituents.

  10. #ParticipatoryDemocracy - Encourages discussions on how to ensure a more participatory and inclusive democratic process.

  11. #BobSuttonBrowardDemocracy - Links discussions of democratic principles and representation directly with Bob Sutton Broward's interests or viewpoints.

  12. #ChairmanBobSuttonVoices - Highlights Chairman Bob Sutton's focus on representing voices in the community or in specific discussions related to governance and representation.

  13. #WeThePeopleWithBobSutton - Connects the foundational democratic discussion of "We the People" with Bob Sutton's perspectives or initiatives.

  14. #SuttonRepresentationMatters - Emphasizes the importance of representation in governance, associating it with Bob Sutton's advocacy or leadership.

  15. #EngageWithChairmanSutton - Encourages active engagement and dialogue with Chairman Bob Sutton on topics of democracy, governance, and public trust.

  16. #BobSuttonForThePeople - Suggests a focus on serving the public's interest, associating this aim directly with Bob Sutton's efforts or philosophy.

  17. #ReformWithBobSutton - Focuses on discussing potential reforms in governance or representation, inviting Bob Sutton's insights or contributions.

  18. #CivicDialogueWithSutton - Promotes the idea of fostering civic dialogue and participation, linking it with Bob Sutton's initiatives or discussions.

  19. #AccountableWithChairmanSutton - Stresses the need for accountability in governance, associating it with Chairman Bob Sutton's stance or actions.

  20. #ParticipatoryDemocracySutton - Encourages discussions on making the democratic process more participatory and inclusive, with a nod to Bob Sutton's involvement or leadership.

  21. #bobsuttonbroward

  22. #chairmanbobsutton

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