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Death Penalty for Harming Children

Title: Florida's Unwavering Stance: Upholding Accountability for Child Abusers

Subtitle: Chairman Bob Sutton Applauds the Passage of House Bill 1297, Enforcing the Death Penalty on Child Rapists


In a firm demonstration of Florida's dedication to protecting children's rights, Governor DeSantis has signed House Bill 1297. This groundbreaking legislation imposes the death penalty on those who commit sexual battery against children under the age of 12. The state sends a clear message that the rape and abuse of children will not be tolerated, with Governor DeSantis insisting that rapists and pedophiles "should face the ultimate punishment." Chairman Bob Sutton supports the bill wholeheartedly and praises Florida's strong stance against child abuse.

The Importance of House Bill 1297

The passage of House Bill 1297 represents Florida's unwavering commitment to holding child abusers accountable for their horrific crimes. Governor DeSantis is prepared to defend this new law, even if that means taking the issue all the way to the United States Supreme Court to overrule judicial precedents that have unjustly protected child rapists from the death penalty.

The Devastating Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual violence against children is a gross violation of their rights and can severely impact their development and long-term quality of life. This type of violence encompasses commercial sexual exploitation of children, sexual abuse, child marriages, and female genital mutilation. Research demonstrates that investing in violence prevention is essential to protect children from such abuse.

Biblical Teachings on Justice and Compassion

Florida's new legislation is informed by Biblical teachings that emphasize the importance of safeguarding the innocent and delivering justice. Verses such as Matthew 18:6, Romans 12:19, and Deuteronomy 32:35 remind us of the grave responsibility we have to protect children and the divine nature of retribution. By enforcing severe penalties for child abusers, Florida seeks to create a safer environment for all.

Support from Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book

Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, urged her fellow senators to vote in favor of the bill. She emphasized that those who sexually abuse children are "called predators for a reason, because they stalk and hunt down their prey." With a Senate vote of 34-5 and a House vote of 95-14, the bill's passage demonstrates Florida's resolve to hold child abusers accountable.


The signing of House Bill 1297 by Governor DeSantis represents a significant step forward in Florida's fight against child sexual abuse. Chairman Bob Sutton applauds this decisive action and supports the state's commitment to protecting the most vulnerable members of society. As the battle against child abuse continues, it is crucial for communities, lawmakers, and advocates to work together in developing effective prevention strategies and ensuring justice for victims.

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