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Empowring Sunrise, FL.

Empowering Sunrise Together: A Message from Niccole Pazos, Candidate for Mayor 

Greetings, residents of Sunrise!

My name is Niccole Pazos. I'm a loving wife, mother, and proud Florida native who's called Sunrise home for 18 years. With nearly three decades of dedicated work with special needs populations, I've always strived to make meaningful, positive impacts in our community. As a small business owner and the originator of the Text-911 law in Florida, I believe in practical solutions that foster safety, empowerment, and prosperity. That's why I'm running for Mayor of Sunrise.

Why I'm Running: Your Voice, Your Mayor

Our community is at its best when we all come together. Here’s why I'm running for Mayor and what I'm committed to delivering:

1. Public Safety:

   The safety and well-being of our community is my top priority. I will work tirelessly to improve public safety infrastructure and reduce crime, ensuring Sunrise remains a secure place for all our families.

2. Addressing Housing Concerns:

   Affordable housing is essential. I am committed to maintaining low taxes, advocating for a reduction in homeowners insurance, and pushing for a cap on HOA fee increases. Let’s keep housing within reach for all residents.

3. Small Business Empowerment:  

   Local businesses are the heartbeat of our economy. As Mayor, I will champion job creation and economic growth, empowering small businesses and fostering a vibrant, thriving local economy.

Fundraising Gala: Let's Build the Future Together

Join me on May 30th, 2024, at our fundraising gala to help shape a brighter future for Sunrise. The event will be held at 8900 NW 44th St, Sunrise, FL 33351, starting at 6:30 pm. Your support will drive positive change in our city.

Connect With Me

I believe in open, transparent communication with every resident. Feel free to reach out with your ideas, questions, and concerns:

- Facebook: [Pazos for the People](

- Instagram: [Pazos for the People](

- Call or Text: 954-557-4953

Together, we can empower our city, strengthen our community, and create lasting positive change.

Warm regards,  

Niccole Pazos 

Candidate for Mayor of Sunrise

Here are some hashtags to accompany Niccole Pazos' message:

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