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Endorsement Alert: Attorney Mery Lopez-Palma for State Committe Women - Broward County.

In the realm of politics where motivations deeply impact leadership integrity, Attorney Mery Lopez-Palma exemplifies a steadfast dedication to public service rooted in genuine care and advocacy for community welfare. Her journey from Cuba to the United States instilled a deep appreciation for the freedoms and responsibilities embedded in our Republic fueling her commitment to the Republican values and public service.

Mery's leadership has been instrumental in her role as the Florida Founder of the 917 Society. Under her guidance, a team of 67 volunteers, which she handpicked and trained, successfully distributed over 26,000 constitutions to 178 Broward County schools during Constitutional Week 2023. With renewed support from the new superintendent, she is gearing up for another impactful distribution in 2024.

Her proactive community engagement doesn’t stop there. Mery has hosted the first Broward fundraiser for at the Palma Ranch, raising essential funds to educate 8th graders about the Constitution. As the Southwest Ranches Precinct Committeewoman for the Broward Republican Party and Chairwoman of all events, she has significantly contributed to the party’s efforts by organizing fundraising events that support political candidates in Broward.

Moreover, Dr. Lopez-Palma's role as the CFC Christian Family Coalition Broward Director involves creating a comprehensive Christian voter guide, enhancing informed voter participation throughout the community. Her initiative in organizing the first "Meet & Greet" in Broward has sparked a county-wide movement, strengthening community and candidate connections.

Mery’s extensive professional and community leadership experience is matched by her successful entrepreneurial ventures as the founder and CEO of the Law Offices of Mery Lopez-Palma, owner of a Vicky Bakery franchise, and CEO of Palma Vida Foods & Mery’s Tropical Fruit Spreads. Her fluency in English and Spanish, alongside her educational background with a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law and a B.S. in Business Management/Human Resources from the University of Central Florida, further underscores her comprehensive skill set and dedication.

Let’s champion a leader who not only promises but delivers substantial and positive change. Vote for Mery Lopez-Palma, a true servant of the people whose actions continually uplift our community, our party, and our values.

Humbly Submitted,

Chariman Bob Sutton

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