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Endorsement of Commissioner Michael A. Barnett

Dear Palm Beach Residents:

I am writing to you today to enthusiastically endorse Commissioner Michael A. Barnett for his continued service and commitment to the Palm Beach County community. Having known and collaborated with Michael for several years, I have witnessed firsthand his dedication and proactive approach in addressing community needs and issues.

Michael, originally from Queens, New York, has been a vital part of our Palm Beach community since 1987, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to public service. As a lawyer with over 15 years of practice, and currently with the Shiner Law Group, Michael has demonstrated exceptional skills in legal proceedings and a genuine concern for the welfare of his clients.

Appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to represent Commission District 3 on the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, Michael’s responsibilities span several critical areas including the Criminal Justice Commission, the Value Adjustment Board, the Governing Board of the Solid Waste Authority, the Environmental Commission, and most recently, the Florida Medical Examiners Commission.

During my tenure as the new REC chairman, I reached out to Michael for guidance. Without hesitation, provided invaluable support and insight, which were pivotal in my initial successes. His openness and willingness to assist others have always stood out.

Moreover, Michael's swift and compassionate response during the aftermath of the last major hurricane in our area was nothing short of remarkable. When families in his district were desperate for basic necessities, Michael ensured they received food, water, and diapers within hours of their plea for help. His actions during those critical hours reflect his acute awareness of community needs and his readiness to respond effectively.

Michael's understanding of our community's spirit is perhaps best exemplified in his appreciation for the cultural facets that resonate with our residents—a unique trait that adds to his relatability and effectiveness as a leader.

I am confident that Michael will continue to serve your community with the same vigor and integrity he has shown throughout his tenure. I wholeheartedly support his reappointment and recommend others to do the same, for a leader who is truly in tune with the heart of Palm Beach County.

Thank you for considering this endorsement. I am eager to see Michael continue his exemplary service to our community.

Humbly Submitted,

Chaiiman Bob Sutton

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