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Enduring Strength: A Journey of Resilience and Advocacy - The story of Nasrin Parsian

Enduring Strength: A Journey of Resilience and Advocacy - The story of Nasrin Parsian.

In the shadows of oppression under the brutal Islamic government of Iran, my family and I have faced immense hardships. Yet, our commitment to freedom and justice has never wavered. Through our trials, we have found a profound admiration for President Donald Trump, whose leadership we believe mirrors our pursuit of these cherished values.

The Legacy of a Freedom Fighter

My late brother, a valiant student freedom fighter, faced the darkest moments humanly possible and was ultimately martyred in a Tehran prison. His spirit and dreams survive through his writings, which I compiled in our book *Ideas and Lashes*. Published by ExLibris, this work is a testament to his courage and the egregious violations against human dignity perpetrated by the Iranian regime. His desire was for the world to witness the true nature of this tyranny.

My Path to Advocacy

Beyond my literary efforts, I am a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, a journey that began over a decade ago after a brief stint in Hollywood. However, recognizing the need for a robust academic foundation, I chose to prioritize my education, culminating in a doctoral degree from Pepperdine University.

Unwavering Support for President Trump

My family’s and my endorsement of President Trump is rooted in a shared belief in his vision for America—one of strength, integrity, and profound national love. We are committed to mobilizing support for his re-election, believing firmly in his ability to restore and uphold America’s values.

A Bond Unbroken

The connection between the Iranian people and the nations of America and Israel is deep and unyielding. This was poignantly illustrated when Iranian students, amidst an uprising, chose to respect rather than desecrate the flags of these nations. Our hearts align with the principles and people of these great nations, further fueling our advocacy.

Refuge and Resolve

Now a citizen of the United States, I find not just safety, but a promise—a promise of a future where every voice matters and every dream can thrive. Here, I am free to speak, dream, and advocate without fear, embodying the very essence of the American spirit.

Championing True Leadership

Amidst allegations of electoral misconduct reminiscent of the injustices in Iran, I stand firm in my belief that President Trump’s leadership brought prosperity and genuine patriotism. It is imperative that America returns to these principles under his guidance.

My Commitment

As a speaker and advocate, I am dedicated to harnessing the support of both Iranian and American communities for President Trump. My speeches have touched many, and I am confident in my ability to make a significant impact.

We pledge, with all our heart and soul, to tirelessly support President Donald Trump. Our shared experiences and convictions drive us to advocate passionately for a leader who embodies the strength, integrity, and profound love for this nation. We are honored to stand with him and contribute to making America great once again.

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