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Europe Invites Algeria to Contribute to Solving War in Ukraine:

Europe Invites Algeria to Contribute to Solving War in Ukraine:

The European Union has called on Algeria to join efforts in resolving the ongoing war crisis in Ukraine, as confirmed by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. During a press statement following his meeting with Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Borrell emphasized the global significance of this conflict, which transcends regional boundaries and challenges the foundations of international law.

Borrell highlighted the European Union's unwavering support for Ukraine, including political, military, financial, and humanitarian assistance. He urged Algeria to contribute to stopping the unjustifiable war and mitigating its economic and human impact on the world.

In addition to the war in Ukraine, Borrell and Tebboune discussed the importance of combating corruption and money laundering. They acknowledged the need for stronger cooperation between the European Union and Algeria in addressing the issues of ill-gotten assets and illicit financial transfers.

The meeting between Borrell and Tebboune, which included a working lunch, was attended by high-ranking officials from both sides. The discussion covered the reality and prospects of Algeria-European Union relations, as well as ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in various fields.

The European Union's request for Algeria's involvement in resolving the war crisis in Ukraine highlights the country's international credibility and strong diplomatic ties with both Russia and European Union countries. Algeria's strategic position as an energy and Mediterranean power, coupled with its historical balance, diplomatic experience, neutrality, and moral integrity, make it a promising candidate for playing a crucial role in addressing this ongoing conflict.

As reported by Dalila Henache, the invitation for Algeria to contribute to solving the war in Ukraine underlines the European Union's recognition of the country's potential to break the deadlock, which has proven costly for all parties involved.

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