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Honoring Congressman Mark Green

Title: Honoring Congressman Mark Green: The 917 Society Congress Member of the Year 2023

The 917 Society takes immense pleasure in congratulating Congressman Mark Green on being bestowed with The 917 Society Congress Member of the Year Award for 2023. This recognition is not only a testament to his exemplary service and dedication but also reflects his unwavering commitment to Constitution Education.

Congressman Green's association with The 917 Society has been longstanding and remarkable. Since the inception of the Founders Club in 2018, he has been an esteemed member, contributing significantly to the dissemination of knowledge and awareness regarding the constitution. His profound insights, vision, and indefatigable support have been pivotal in advancing the objectives of our esteemed organization.

In 2019, in acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions, Congressman Green was honored with the Founders Cup Award. His speeches, replete with wisdom and foresight, have been a highlight of our events, inspiring and enlightening attendees. His adept leadership, characterized by integrity and passion, resonates profoundly with the ethos of The 917 Society.

The awarding of The 917 Society Congress Member of the Year 2023 to Congressman Green is a reflection of his unwavering dedication and exemplary service. He embodies the principles and values that The 917 Society cherishes, and his ongoing contributions continue to enhance our mission profoundly.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Congressman Mark Green and express our sincere gratitude for his invaluable contributions to The 917 Society and the broader realm of Constitution Education.

For those interested in joining us in celebrating this momentous occasion and other significant milestones, we cordially invite you to secure your tickets to the next grand 917 Society event at Mar-a-Lago. Please follow the link below for further details and ticket acquisition.

Thank's to the efforts of Congressman like Mark Green and the 917 Society, we were able to provide pocket Constitutions to close to 200 Broward County Schools and to every 8th grader in celbration of Constitution Day.

Mar-a-Lago Event Details and Ticket Form:

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