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Jim Pruden Statement.

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

TED DEUTCH WANTS TO LEAVE YOU TO THE MERCY OF VIOLENT CRIMINALS…. In the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol v. Kevin P. Ruben, Ted Deutch along with other Congressional Democrats joined in an Amicus Brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on September 21, 2021. That Brief argues that a generalized desire to carry a concealed weapon to protect one’s person and property does not constitute a “proper cause” for issuance of a license to carry concealed. They argue that even individuals with impeccable, moral character plus a simple desire to exercise a fundamental right of protection while living or working in a high crime area is not sufficient. Our founders adopted much of England’s common law at the founding of America and the well-settled fundamental right, also adopted under the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, to both “have” and “bear arms” for one’s protection goes as far back as England’s Statute of Northampton enacted in 1328. Since 1328, that acknowledged right has been limited only by excluding any act or intent to commit a crime or to terrify persons in the general population. Deutch and other progressives now advance the adoption of a policy and law that exposes defenseless law abiding citizens to brutal attacks and raids during these days of defunding police, increased crime, and lack of meaningful prosecutions for criminal activity. Their gun control efforts have always been directed toward law abiding citizens as opposed to criminal activity. We need Congressional Representatives that will address violent crime as opposed to promoting it with protectionist legislation for criminals. Help to support my Congressional campaign in Florida's 22nd District by going to my Website at

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