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March 2023 Florida County Republican Registrations Report and Elections Analysis

Florida Republicans continue the trend of making gains as Republican registrations relative to Democrat registrations increased by 19,019 registrations in March and by 145,414 registrations since the book closing for the 2022 general election. Florida Republicans now have a 451,364 relative registrations advantage over the Democrats. Republican registrations were 36.65% of total registrations and Republicans now enjoy a 3.12% of total registrations advantage over the Democrats (see attached tables).

The Democrats continue the Biden era phenomena of losing significant numbers of registrations as Democrats lost 13,748 Registrations in March and 109,350 registrations since the 2022 book closing. The registrations of Republicans increased slightly (5,271 registrations), and the number of registrations which are neither Republican nor Democrat also increased (15,229 registrations) in March (see attached chart).

A sure way to increase the Republican share of the vote is to decrease the housing rentership rate. In places Republicans politically control, policies should limit the housing rentership rate to a maximum of 20%, but with a focus on bringing rentership rates into the single digits. This low rentership rate is required to offset the high, and growing rates of rentership, that exist in areas Democrats politically control. With permission from Steve Meyer.

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