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Niccole Pazos for Sunrise Mayor

Ladies and gentlemen,

I stand before you tonight, both humbled and honored, marveling at the journey that brings a simple high school teacher to share the stage with luminaries like Mery Lopez-Palma and Niccole Pazos. To address an audience as diverse as this—Republicans, Democrats, teachers, and international business leaders—is a privilege. But tonight, I am especially moved to speak to the patriots among us, whose dedication to our country never ceases to inspire.

Tonight, we are graced by the presence of many distinguished leaders and elected officials. If you serve our community in any elected capacity, or as a precinct committee person, please stand now so we may recognize and applaud your commitment.

We also have with us the founders of SAFEevac, a testament to the spirit of innovation and safety that characterizes our best communal efforts. Indeed, it is a spiritual battle we are engaged in—a battle for the soul of our community and our nation.

On days like today, there is nothing that lifts my spirits more than the powerful, united voice of a crowd chanting "USA." So, let’s fill this room with that spirit now. Please, join me—USA! USA! USA!

Thank you. Your energy is infectious.

Now, I’d like to turn our attention to a person who embodies the courage and dedication that tonight is all about—Niccole. Thank you all for coming out to support her campaign for Sunrise Mayor. Niccole’s vision for our city is one of progress, safety, and community spirit, but she needs our active support.

Please raise your hand if you can make phone calls for Niccole. Thank you—your voices will carry her message far and wide. Now, keep those hands up if you can also write letters on her behalf. Excellent—the power of the written word is unmatched. If you can knock on doors for Niccole, please raise your hand. Your feet on the pavement make all the difference. And, if you’re willing to host a neighborhood meeting for her, please, let’s see those hands. Thank you—your homes will become the heartbeats of this campaign.

Finally, raise your hand if you’re voting for Niccole. Look around you—this is the team that will lead Niccole to victory.

May you and your loved ones be abundantly blessed. Thank you for your support, your energy, and your commitment to electing Niccole as the next Mayor of Sunrise. Together, we will not only dream of a brighter future but actively shape it.

Thank you, and good night.

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