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Parental Rights.

Thank you, Peter Feaman, for bringing attention to the situation in North Dakota and other states regarding the lack of transparency on students' gender identities. It is indeed a matter of concern when parents feel that they are being kept in the dark about such important aspects of their children's lives. Despite Governor Doug Burgum signing a bill to prohibit this practice, the school district has faced criticism for its alleged non-disclosure.

Dr. Rupak Gandhi, the Superintendent of Fargo Public Schools, has defended the district's decision by emphasizing that they will not reveal any student's identity if it could potentially cause harm. While this perspective aims to prioritize the well-being of the child, it has left many parents dissatisfied and questioning the extent of authority the district is assuming over their children's identities.

Parents who disagree with the district's approach argue that their children should not be seen as mere property of the state. They believe that the policies implemented by the school district are designed to protect children from their own parents, suppressing open dialogue and disregarding the vital role parents play in their children's lives.

A discontented father expressed his frustration, suggesting that the district believes it knows the children better than their own parents do. He challenged those present to consider the repercussions if the same situation were to happen to their own children, encouraging introspection and reflection.

A concerned mother also took the opportunity to voice her concerns, urging everyone to consider the precedent being set. She raised the essential question of who ultimately has the authority over children: the school board, Fargo Public Schools, or the parents themselves. She emphasized the unique knowledge and understanding parents possess about their own children, highlighting the impracticality of expecting teachers to have the same level of familiarity.

This situation in North Dakota reflects a larger battle occurring across the nation, where parents are fighting to protect their children from being controlled by the state. It revolves around ensuring that parents have a say in shaping their children's identities and preventing external forces from dictating their lives without parental input.

As this debate continues, it is crucial to find common ground and foster open dialogue that respects the perspectives of all parties involved. The well-being of our children should always remain a top priority. Striking a balance that safeguards their safety while upholding the rights and responsibilities of parents is vital for their development and happiness.

In my humble opinion, it would be nice to see students graduating with employable skill sets, a love of our country, and this outcome being the focus of education.

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