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RLCFL Bill Tracker Insights

RLCFL Bill Tracker Insights

The RLCFL's supports bills introduced in the 2024 Florida Legislative Session that enhance election integrity, uphold Second Amendment rights, and limit government overreach in public health matters. They emphasize safeguarding constitutional liberties and promote policies that reflect conservative principles.

Election Integrity: The RLCFL endorses measures to enhance the security of ballots and voting systems, like HB 671 and SB 190, which aim to ensure law enforcement oversight of ballot transport and continuous supervision. The potential fiscal impact of these measures is acknowledged but seems to be a worthy trade-off for increased ballot integrity. Bills like HB 359, which permits hand-counting of ballots, and HB 135/SB 1256, which secure voter registration processes, are also supported. The organization advocates for bipartisan election board composition through HB 965/SB 782 and supports the prohibition of foreign voting systems and changes to mail-in voting eligibility through SB 1752. Legislation like HB 1101/SB 1168, which expands acceptable voter IDs and HB 1669 that enhances election security, receive backing as well.

Second Amendment: The RLCFL stands firmly behind bills that protect gun owners' rights. HB 365/SB 1034 addresses the need for court-appointed counsel in risk protection order hearings, a step towards ensuring due process rights. Bills like HB 485/SB 1286, which mandate the return of weapons not seized as evidence post-arrest, and HB 17, which proposes shortening the waiting period for firearm purchases, are supported. The organization also endorses HB 1223, which lowers the minimum age for purchasing rifles, and HB 1619, promoting permitless carry and repealing gun-free zones.

Public Health: The RLCFL advocates for a conservative approach to public health emergencies, supporting bills like HB 459/SB 402 that limit government power during such times. SB 636, which provides exemptions from immunization requirements, and SB 1094, which demands legislative approval for new immunizations, align with the organization's emphasis on personal liberties. HB 1623 and HB 1535/SB 680 echo this sentiment by restricting executive powers during emergencies and protecting medical freedom, respectively.

Taxes and Constitutional Amendments: The RLCFL supports HB 609/SB 1144, which repeals local government business taxes, reflecting a conservative stance on taxation. Constitutional amendments like HJR 335 and HJR 805/SJR 1042 that require broader public support for amendments or revisions and prohibit red-light cameras are endorsed. The proposed SJR 1114 seeks to end public financing for campaigns, which aligns with conservative views on government spending in elections.

Pro-Life, Term Limits, and Historical Monuments: The RLCFL backs HB 415/SB 436 to provide pregnancy and parenting resources and supports term limits for county commissioners through HB 57/SB 438. They also advocate for the protection of historical monuments via HB 395/SB 1122 and HB 901/SB 1120, which prevent the removal or defacement of monuments and restrict the display of certain flags by government entities.

Government Regulation: The organization supports bills like HB 435/SB 586 that criminalize the sale of lab-grown meat, reflective of a traditional conservative preference for natural products. HB 599, which prohibits certain employment practices based on gender identity, and HB 401/SB 758, which restrict the use of tracking devices without consent, also receive support, emphasizing personal privacy and traditional values.

Criminal Justice Reform: The RLCFL advocates for reforms that offer second chances and reduce barriers to reintegration into society, like HB 133/SB 42, which addresses licensing for barbers and cosmetologists, and HB 97/SB 54, which expands eligibility for criminal record expunction.

Overall, the RLCFL's endorsements reflect a commitment to conservative values, advocating for policies that prioritize individual freedoms, reduce government intervention, and uphold constitutional rights.

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