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Ron Desantis and Legislation

Title: Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature Triumph, Defying Media Misrepresentation

[Author: Chairman Bob Sutton]

In a world where the news media often focuses on controversy and conflict, it's important to remember that there's more to the story than what makes the headlines. A prime example of this is the recent legislative session in Florida, which has been portrayed by some outlets as being filled with divisive policies. However, as Peter Feaman, RPOF National Committeeman, so aptly points out, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The Tallahassee Democrat's lead paragraph on Friday painted a picture of a legislative session dominated by conservative policies designed to bolster Governor Ron DeSantis's potential presidential bid. While it's true that DeSantis has taken on some controversial issues, such as the legal battle between the Walt Disney Company and the State of Florida, this session was far from being defined solely by "culture war" policies.

Feaman goes on to highlight a number of substantial bills that were passed during the session, many of which received bipartisan support:

Hurricane Resiliency Plan – Over $4 billion in state investments for hurricane recovery and resiliency planning.

A state-record $117 billion budget, which passed with unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats.

More than $1.3 billion in tax relief for families and businesses – also supported unanimously by Republicans and Democrats.

The Live Local Plan, which provides $1.5 billion for affordable housing initiatives over the next 10 years to help people live near their workplace.

Universal school vouchers that give parents and their school-aged children complete control over their child’s education.

Insurer accountability changes giving homeowners more control over the claims process and regulators more power to address unscrupulous insurance providers.

Comprehensive lawsuit reforms aimed at decreasing frivolous lawsuits which will provide relief to Florida’s property insurance market.

Out of the 247 bills passed this legislative session, the vast majority were substantive policy matters that have little to do with the sensationalized "culture war" narrative pushed by the media. It's important to remember that there's more to the story than what the headlines might suggest.

In the end, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature have once again proven their ability to govern effectively, despite the media's attempts to focus on controversy. It seems DeSantis's experience playing baseball in college has prepared him well for hitting it out of the park in the political realm.

Thank you, Peter Feaman, for setting the record straight.

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