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SafeEVAC's intellegent threat technology!

SafeEVAC’s new threat identification and intelligent evacuation technology. This technology is being deployed in K-12 schools initially. This revolutionary technology accomplishes four critical tasks during a shooting or violence event:

  1. The technology instantly identifies the specific threat location and nature of the threat and provides verbal and visual instructions to those in the immediate area of the threat to seek shelter or avoid the threat.

  2. The technology instantly identifies exit routes and provides verbal and visual instructions to those who can evacuate safely.

  3. The technology instantly provides visual and verbal instructions to direct first responding law enforcement to the threat and identifies the specific nature of the threat.

  4. This rapid evacuation and response enables medical personnel to attend to the victims expediting medical care therefore saving lives.

  5. The SafeEVAC technology, within seconds, provides crucial, lifesaving information to all parties involved: Students, teachers, staff and first responders.

In order to bring this lifesaving product to market OSHA has testing and/or inspecting standards. There are 21 OSHA approved testing laboratories in the U.S. that test the products against written standards. However, the SafeEVAC technology is both a new product and technology, as such, there are no written standards to test against.

The crux of our problem is that it can take years to develop standards and in the meantime, children are needlessly dying.

OSHA, in rule 1910.399, has provisions for new products with no standards. This rule allows inspecting or testing by a Federal Agency, or State, municipal, or other local authority.

In order to bring this lifesaving technology to market SafeEVAC would like to engage in discussions in identifying an appropriate agency to inspect the technology and assistance in coordinating communications. SafeEVAC is currently installing prototype systems/signage at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, a DOD base in Indiana. SafeEVAC would provide the agency with any assistance and service necessary to facilitate the OSHA approval process.

SafeEVAC technology introduces a revolutionary new paradigm and will forever change emergency evacuation. This technology will save lives and bring peace of mind to students, teachers, parents and help protect those who protect us.

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