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Taking Action: How "We the People" Sustain Our Republic

Taking Action: How "We the People" Sustain Our Republic

In the fabric of our Republic, the principle of "We the People" is not just a symbolic phrase from the Preamble of our Constitution; it is a call to action. Our Republic system thrives when its citizens step forward not just as voters, but as active participants in governance. This commitment to engagement is crucial, whether it's running for office, supporting campaigns, or contributing in smaller, yet significant ways like mailing letters or hosting events.  For too long many of our elected officials have represented themselves, their donors,  special interests, and yes, their family’s interest.  We need them to represent  “We The People”.

 Everyone Has a Role to Play

The beauty of our Republic lies in its accessibility. Every individual has the power to influence change, regardless of the scale of their contributions. Here are a few impactful ways citizens can engage:

1. Run for Office: Consider running for a local or national position. Local offices, in particular, often have a direct impact on community development and can be a rewarding place to start.

2. Support a Candidate: If running for office isn't for you, find a candidate who represents your values and offer your support. This could be through volunteering, canvassing, or simply spreading the word.

3. Host an Event: Organize community gatherings to discuss issues, raise awareness, and generate support for causes or candidates.

4. Make Phone Calls and Mail Letters: Reach out to fellow voters to educate them about upcoming elections or important legislation.

5. Make a Donation: Financial contributions can greatly aid a campaign’s reach and effectiveness, even if it’s a small amount.

6.  Join your local REC or RLC.  Information can be found at

7. Contact Celleste Ellich or Bob Sutton and volunteer to help a candidate. You can reach Celeste or Bob here: or

Celebrating Local Leaders

It's essential to recognize individuals who answer the call of civic duty. In Broward County, Celeste Ellich and Bob Sutton have exemplified this spirit by putting themselves on the ballot for the Soil and Water Districts. Their commitment serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the power of individual initiative in governance.

Both Ellich and Sutton understand the critical role soil and water conservation plays in environmental stewardship and public health. By stepping up, they ensure that these vital issues have advocates at the policy-making table, demonstrating the significant impact of local offices.

 Why Your Involvement Matters

The essence of a functioning Republic is not only the existence of a government but its foundation upon the active participation of its people. When citizens retreat from involvement, they cede their power to shape the community's future. Active engagement ensures that our government remains responsive and accountable.

The actions of individuals like Ellich and Sutton underscore a vital truth: governance is not just for the elected few; it is a responsibility shared by all. As we look to the future, let their commitment inspire us to embrace our role in this participatory Republic.

Our Republic only works when we, the people, step up to be the government's first line of representation. So let's get involved. Every small action contributes to the larger success of our democratic system. Remember, in a Republic, every citizen is not only a part of the state but a pillar upon which its strength rests.

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