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The Sound Of FREEDOM

Title: Compassionate Capitalism: An Instrument to End Child Sex Trafficking

This blog explores the role of compassionate capitalism in tackling child sex trafficking. It highlights the real-world case of "Sound of Freedom", a film supported by Goya Cares, and the organization's efforts in combatting child trafficking and promoting child mental health education.

The global issue of child sex trafficking is widely recognized as one of the most pressing humanitarian crises of our era. Each year, approximately two million children worldwide fall victim to trafficking networks. Efforts to mitigate this problem have seen the rise of a notable trend – compassionate capitalism. Herein, we analyze the profound impact of this practice through the lens of the recent film "Sound of Freedom" and its backing organization, Goya Cares.

Goya Cares, an initiative of Goya Foods, Inc., functions as an executive producer of the film "Sound of Freedom". It has reached an audience of over two million viewers, representing the estimated number of children trafficked worldwide each year. The film, telling the story of Tim Ballard (played by Jim Caviezel), puts a spotlight on the harrowing reality of child trafficking.

The narrative of the film centers around the saving of one child, Rocio, a mission paralleled with the parable of the Lost Sheep. Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods and Executive Producer of the film, notes the significance of this focus, emphasizing that every life has intrinsic value and purpose. The film succeeds in illuminating this fundamental truth to a broad audience.

In the wake of the film's release, Goya Cares has unveiled a global initiative aimed at combatting child trafficking and augmenting child mental health education. This collaboration involves multiple sectors, including organizations, schools, and businesses. It endeavors to protect the most vulnerable, our children. Coalition partners work to recover, restore, and reunite survivors, and also increase awareness and deliver free, preventative education to schools to help identify the dangers of child trafficking. This mission is encapsulated in Goya Cares' educational series, "LIGHT".

This example of compassionate capitalism demonstrates how private sector entities can leverage their resources to generate awareness and initiate tangible action against social issues such as child sex trafficking.


Compassionate capitalism, as shown by Goya Cares and the film "Sound of Freedom", provides a promising avenue to address child sex trafficking. This approach illustrates how businesses can integrate social responsibility into their operations, ultimately supporting critical social issues. Bob Unanue, Thank You.

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