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Today's World according to Allen West.

Title: Insights from a Meeting with Lt. Colonel Allen West

In a recent private session, we were honored to welcome Former Congressman and Lt. Colonel Allen West for a candid discussion on pressing issues affecting our world today. This article seeks to present a summarized account of the compelling insights shared during the meeting. To witness the complete conversation, we encourage our esteemed readers to visit Chairman Bob Sutton’s FAceBookLiveFeed.

Key Takeaways from the Conversation

1. Israel’s Missile Tracking

Israel employs advanced tracking systems to monitor the trajectory and impact locations of their missiles. This precision ensures heightened accountability and effectiveness in their defense mechanisms.

2. Military Narrative Propaganda

Within the military, there exists a term “narrative propaganda information operation,” highlighting the strategic use of information to influence public perception and advance specific agendas.

3. Historical Context of Palestine

The name Palestine was attributed to the Jewish region by the Roman conquerors, marking a significant chapter in the historical evolution of the area.

4. Understanding Levant

Levant, or Lavante, denotes a region ‘rising from the sea’, encapsulating several Eastern Mediterranean countries.

5. ISIS and the Levant

ISIS, an acronym for the Islamic State in Levant, underscores the terrorist organization’s occupation and terror reign in this region.

6. Jasser Arafat's Lineage

Jasser Arafat is identified as the nephew of the Grand Mufti, illuminating familial ties within prominent figures in the Middle East.

7. Historical Conflict

Mohammad's act of slaying all male Jews in Mecca remains a poignant episode underscoring historical religious and ethnic conflicts.

8. Post-WW2 Geopolitics

The aftermath of World War 2 witnessed the establishment of Israel and Jordan as separate nations, each with its distinct territories and governance.

9. Role of Boca Raton’s Mayor

Lt. Colonel West expressed the view that protestors supporting terrorism should be arrested for aiding and abetting the enemy.

10. Hamas’ Objective

The Charter of Hamas, underscored by its objective to exterminate Jews, presents a formidable challenge to peace efforts in the region.

Challenges and Concerns

From the well-organized terror attack on October 7th to the U.S. Military’s apparent shift in focus from readiness to gender concerns, Lt. Colonel West raised alarming issues that demand immediate attention. The open U.S. Border, he argued, poses a significant threat, being susceptible to infiltration by recon operatives from terrorist factions.

Closing Remarks

Lt. Colonel West’s insights offer a stark reminder of the complex, multifaceted challenges we face today. The pressing need for strategic, informed action - whether in reinforcing the U.S. border, enhancing military readiness, or addressing international threats - has never been more evident.

Get Involved

If you find yourself excluded from Republican or Conservative events, please reach out to Robert W. Sutton or Celeste Ellich for invitations and updates on upcoming gatherings.

The full video of Allen West's speech can be found on Face Book at Chairman Bob Sutton.


We extend our profound appreciation to Lt. Colonel Allen West for his invaluable insights and encourage ongoing dialogues to navigate these intricate issues for a safer, more secure world.

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