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US and Algeria Relationship

In recent years, the US-Algeria relationship has also centered on economic cooperation and

development. Chairman Sutton notes that as Algeria's largest trading partner outside the European Union, the United States plays a significant role in the country's economic growth. Key areas ofcollaboration include energy, with Algeria being a major exporter of natural gas to the United States, as well as agriculture, technology, and infrastructure development.

Challenges and Future Prospects:

Despite the many positive aspects of the US-Algeria relationship, Chairman Sutton acknowledges that challenges remain. The political situation in Algeria is still in flux, with protests and demands for reform continuing to shape the country's future. Additionally, Algeria's economy remains heavily dependent on hydrocarbon exports, making diversification a pressing priority.

Chairman Sutton believes that as the United States and Algeria continue to build on their long standing partnership, it will be vital for both countries to address these challenges and work together to create a more prosperous and stable future for the region.

As we work together to build on this relationship, we need to be watchful of people like Ferhat Mehenni (who is a wanted a terrorist in his home country), who is working against our relationship and will be hosting an event at the Community Centre in Orinda (28 Orinda Way). The murderous terrorist organisation he heads is known in Algeria as MAK. Please do your own research at the following links (translations enclosed where required) –




Algeria detains 36 after mob killing of man accused of starting fires. Crowds dragged 38-year-old Djamel Ben Ismail from a police station where he had sought protection in the Tizi Ouzou district before beating him to death

Arsonists blamed after wildfires kill dozens in Algeria. Algeria has observed the first of three days of national mourning for victims as wildfires continue to burn across the north of the country, fanned by strong...

An Algerian man owas burned alive after being falsely accused of starting the fires.



The partnership between the United States and Algeria may not frequently make headlines, but Chairman Bob Sutton emphasizes its strategic importance for both countries. This alliance has helped foster regional stability, combat terrorism, and promote economic cooperation, making it a valuable asset in a complex and rapidly changing world. As the two nations continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, their collaboration will remain an essential component of the international diplomatic landscape.