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Voter Suppression and Intimidation

Updated: May 15, 2023

Voter Intimidation,  Suppression, and Intimidation:

First Lady Melania Trump stated that "if a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions, they have a responsibility to stand by their words and people have a right to defend themselves.  You are not protecting this country.  You are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions''.  This quote was in reference to anonymous attacks on her husband and the father of her child, President Donald J. Trump.

In years past, voter intimidation, suppression, and disenfranchisement were in the forms of beatings, cross burnings, roadblocks and airplane leaflet drops.  In August of 1922 the Ku Klux Klan air dropped intimidating leaflets on certain areas to suppress the vote.  

In Broward County in 2018 to 2019, "Mr. Anonymous' ' or "Mr. John Doe' ' just hit "send" causing the created websites and created emails to be "air dropped".  There was a direct hit through personal computers, cell phones, to homes, to offices, to current, former, and potential clients, to family and to friends.  Damage and intimidation was accomplished.  Broward voters got the message to back down, drop out, or they would be next. 

Many Broward voters witnessed relentless, repetitive, fake, inflammatory, and anonymous emails and website cyber - attacks.  Hundreds if not thousands of voters were given the message to take heed and comply or have their businesses, family, and person attacked in the same way.  There was no longer a need for the KKK airplane drops.  

These fake, inflammatory, and anonymous electronic communications were sent directly to business associates, clients, friends, family members, and others.  Numerous voters in Broward County had emails and/or websites sent out that harmed them economically, socially, politically and personally.  Broward voters got the message and backed down.  They did not want this to happen to them. 

One court case that was filed in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court for Broward County was Case Number 17-019487.  What were the motives?  What laws were broken?  Were any SEC or FCC laws violated.  Who compensated these people that created the attacks?  Perhaps the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,  The Broward Sheriff, The Republican National Committee, The office of the General Counsel or The Florida Election Commission should look into this. 

Voter intimidation and suppression has to stop.  Our Republic needs to ensure that one person one vote is in place and that voters are not suppressed or intimidated.  @2.27.23 

Created and edited by Robert W. Sutton and Celeste Ellich.  For additional information, please go to or or   

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