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We The People Are The First Branch

Updated: May 5, 2023

Tallahassee Lobby Days: We The People Are The First Branch of Government #TallahasseeLobbyDays #WeThePeople #FirstBranch #GetInvolved #RepublicanLibertyCaucus #RLC. #GOP

In today's fast-paced world, it's all too easy for citizens to become disconnected from the democratic process. While we're busy with our daily lives, it's essential to remember that our involvement in government is the very foundation of our democracy. Tallahassee Lobby Days is a prime opportunity to reconnect with our government and to remind ourselves that "We The People" are the first branch of government.

Engaging in Local Government is One of the most effective ways to engage with our government is to participate in local events, such as city commission meetings. These meetings are where decisions are made that directly impact our communities. By showing up and voicing our concerns and opinions, we help ensure that our local leaders understand the issues that matter most to us. This empowers them to make more informed decisions on our behalf.

Visiting Elected Officials' Offices is A key aspect of democratic participation is holding our elected representatives accountable. One way to do this is by visiting their offices and discussing the issues that matter to you. It's vital for elected officials to understand the needs and priorities of their constituents, and your input can make a real difference.

Please join the Republican Liberty Caucus on 3.22.2023 along with Robert W. Sutton and Celeste Ellich. For more information, pleace contact Bob, Celeste, or

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