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A Liberty and Freedom Driven Future.

Title: Join Chairman Bob Sutton and the Republican Liberty Caucus for a Liberty-driven Future


Welcome to the official blog of Chairman Bob Sutton and the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC). Established in 1991, the RLC is a voluntary grassroots membership organization committed to promoting individual rights, limited government, and free markets within the Republican Party. As the oldest continuously-operating organization within the Liberty Republican movement, we strive to bring like-minded individuals together to champion the principles that define our great nation. In this blog post, we will explore the mission of the RLC, provide details on how to join, and share information about our activities in Broward County. Let's embark on a journey toward a more liberty-driven future!

The Mission of the Republican Liberty Caucus:

At the core of the Republican Liberty Caucus lies a profound dedication to advancing the principles of individual rights, limited government, and free markets. We firmly believe that by advocating for these principles, we can create a society that fosters personal freedom, economic prosperity, and a thriving marketplace of ideas. The RLC serves as a platform for liberty-minded Republicans to come together, collaborate, and effect meaningful change within the Republican Party and the broader political landscape.

Join the Republican Liberty Caucus:

If you share our passion for individual liberty, limited government, and free markets, we invite you to join the Republican Liberty Caucus. To become a member, simply visit our website at and select Broward County as your chapter of choice. By joining the RLC, you will gain access to a vibrant network of individuals who are dedicated to making a difference. Together, we can amplify our voices, strengthen our impact, and promote liberty at all levels of government.

For Additional Information:

Should you have any questions or require further information about the Republican Liberty Caucus, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated team. Bob Sutton and Celeste Ellich are available to provide additional details, address any inquiries you may have, and guide you through the process of joining the RLC. Their expertise and commitment to the principles we hold dear make them invaluable resources for anyone interested in getting involved.


The Republican Liberty Caucus stands as a steadfast advocate for individual rights, limited government, and free markets. Through our grassroots efforts, we seek to create a brighter future for all Americans by championing the principles that have made our nation prosper. By joining the RLC, you become part of a vibrant community of liberty-minded individuals who are working tirelessly to shape the Republican Party and promote the values that truly define our great nation. Together, let us pave the way toward a liberty-driven future.

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