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Floirda Bills Scorecard.

If you're looking for more information on the scorecard bills listed below, I recommend visiting the website They have detailed resources and additional insights on these bills. Here's the list of the bills along with their respective stance and hashtags:

HB 1 Education. SUPPORT #HB1

HB 3 Government and Corporate Activism; ESG. SUPPORT #HB3

HB 5 Economic Programs. SUPPORT #HB5

HJR 31 Partisan Elections for Members of District School Boards. SUPPORT #HJR31

SB 214 Sales of Firearms and Ammunition. SUPPORT #SB214

SB 254 Treatments for Sex Reassignment. SUPPORT #SB254

SB 256 Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees. SUPPORT #SB256

SB 264 Interests of Foreign Countries. SUPPORT #SB264

SB 266 Higher Education. SUPPORT #SB266

SB 300 Pregnancy and Parenting Support. SUPPORT #SB300

SB 450 Death Penalty. OPPOSE #SB450

HB 477 Term Limits for District School Board Members. SUPPORT #HB477

HB 543 Public Safety. OPPOSE #HB543

HB 1069 Education. SUPPORT #HB1069

SB 1580 Protections of Medical Conscience. SUPPORT #SB1580

SB 1616 Public Records/Transportation and Protective Services. OPPOSE #SB1616

SB 1718 Unlawful Immigration. SUPPORT #SB1718

SB 2500 Appropriations. OPPOSE #SB2500

SB 7014 Juvenile Justice. SUPPORT #SB7014

SB 7050 Elections. OPPOSE #SB7050

These hashtags will help you easily navigate and locate specific information about each bill on the website. Remember to visit for a comprehensive understanding of these bills and their implications. Happy researching!

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