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I've Got Bills

High School Financial Literacy Lesson Plan

Title: Analyzing Financial Literacy Concepts in "Bills" Lyrics

Grade Level: High School

Duration: 2 class periods (45 minutes each)


Students will analyze the lyrics of "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis to understand financial literacy concepts related to earning income, managing money, credit, and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Lyrics of "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis

Projector or whiteboard for displaying lyrics

Copies of the grading rubric for each student

Day 1: Introduction and Analysis of Lyrics (45 minutes)

Introduction to the Song and Objective (5 minutes)

Begin by playing the song "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis.

Briefly introduce the song and its relevance to financial literacy concepts.

State the lesson objective: to analyze the lyrics for connections to financial literacy themes.

Group Discussion and Analysis of Lyrics (20 minutes)

Display the lyrics on the projector or whiteboard.

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a specific set of lyrics.

Have groups analyze their assigned lyrics in the context of financial literacy concepts: earning income, managing money, credit, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Encourage groups to identify key phrases and discuss their interpretations.

Group Presentations (15 minutes)

Each group presents their analysis to the class.

Facilitate a discussion after each presentation to compare and contrast interpretations.

Address any questions or misconceptions that arise.

Reflection and Discussion (5 minutes)

Lead a class discussion about the overall themes and connections to financial literacy concepts found in the lyrics.

Highlight the importance of understanding these concepts for personal financial well-being.

Day 2: Application and Reflection (45 minutes)

Application of Concepts (20 minutes)

Review the main financial literacy concepts: earning income, managing money, credit, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Discuss with students how the protagonist's experiences in the song relate to these concepts.

Have students work individually or in pairs to brainstorm strategies the protagonist could use to improve their financial situation.

Class Discussion and Sharing (15 minutes)

Allow students to share their strategies and insights with the class.

Facilitate a discussion on the effectiveness of the suggested strategies and their relevance to real-life financial situations.

Personal Reflection and Action Plan (5 minutes)

Have students individually reflect on the lesson and consider how they can apply the insights gained to their own lives.

Encourage them to identify steps they can take to improve their financial literacy skills.

Grading Rubric Distribution and Explanation (5 minutes)

Distribute copies of the grading rubric to each student.

Explain the rubric's criteria and how their performance will be assessed.


Group presentation and analysis (30 points)

Application of financial concepts (20 points)

Personal reflection and action plan (20 points)

Class participation and discussion (20 points)

Total: 90 points


As homework, students can write a short essay reflecting on how the song's themes and financial literacy concepts relate to their own lives and goals.

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Isha B.
Isha B.
18 aug. 2023

I'm using this on Monday ! Thanks Mr. Chairman 🥳🥳🥳

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