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Private Property and the Barbarians.

Many years ago this was the scenario of risk and reward.

Jonah, his wife Sarah, and their 3 children clear the fields and prepare it for planting. They worked from sun up to sun down for many months clearing, preparing, maintaining, their fields to secure their livelihood. They have worked for many years to get to this place in their lives and look forward to having a successful yield of crops.

Their years of hard work are finally blessed with a bountiful crop. They harvest their fields, secure their grain, and thank God for being able to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their blessings and labor. They give Eoj, the elected leader, and their governing body their share and are grateful to live in a land that allows freedom, property ownership, and safety.

All of the crop is secured and the family settles in to rest for the night. Looking forward to a gathering with family and friends to celebrate their blessed harvest and hard work. Early in the morning the family is startled by Urik and his tribe of barbarians. The barbarians take Jonas’ family harvest, all that they worked for, and rape Jonah and Sarah daughter.

Urik quietly pays Eoj the leader of Jonah’s governing body to not pursue them and not prosecute their crime. Urik, and his barbarians celebrate and enjoy a great feast and celebrate with their citizens. Urik and his barbarians feel justified. After all, they earned it and payed for it .

Eoj and his family also enjoy Johah's hard work as well as the payment from Urik.

This story to be continued.

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