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Restoring the Republic.

Liberty Catalyst Fund: Restoring the Republic

From Chairman Bob White and Bob Sutton

In the heart of Florida's political landscape lies the Liberty Catalyst Fund (LCF), a powerful fundraising arm of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) of Florida. This Florida Political Committee (PC) operates under the state’s Division of Elections, Department of State, and plays a pivotal role in supporting and advocating for liberty-minded candidates across the state.

What is the Liberty Catalyst Fund?

The Liberty Catalyst Fund (LCF) is a Political Committee that was established to mobilize resources and support political candidates who prioritize individual freedoms, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. The committee is authorized to receive unlimited contributions from individuals, businesses, corporations, and other political committees.

 How Did the Liberty Catalyst Fund Start?

Florida law requires any organization that receives or spends over $500 for political purposes to register as a Political Committee. Originally founded in 2010 by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida as an Electioneering Communications Organization (ECO), the LCF underwent a transformation in 2019 when it became a Political Committee. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida took over operations and solidified LCF's role as a force for liberty-focused advocacy and political support.

Achievements of the Liberty Catalyst Fund

Over the years, the Liberty Catalyst Fund has made significant contributions to the success of various liberty-minded candidates. Here’s a glimpse of what the LCF has accomplished:

- Fundraising Success: Since the launch of the "Liberty First 2024 ... Restoring the Republic" campaign in September 2023, the LCF has raised approximately $35,000 for candidates vetted and endorsed by the RLC Florida.

- Candidate Support: The LCF has directly contributed to or independently supported candidates running for the Florida House and Senate, both in favor of liberty-focused candidates and in opposition to those who oppose constitutional values.

- Establishing a Freedom Caucus: The ultimate objective is to establish a Freedom Caucus within the Florida House of Representatives and, ultimately, the Florida Senate. The LCF is actively supporting candidates who will uphold the principles of limited government and individual liberty.

How to Get Involved

Individuals and organizations that share the vision of restoring the Republic through liberty-focused policies are encouraged to contribute to the Liberty Catalyst Fund. Donations help fuel the campaign to elect liberty-minded candidates and to build a Freedom Caucus that will shape the future of Florida’s legislature.

To learn more or to contribute, visit the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida website at []( and click on the "Donations" tab. Alternatively, you can contact RLC Florida Chairman Bob White directly via email at or text him at 321-403-4441. Chairman Bob Sutton at 954-683-9597


The Liberty Catalyst Fund is a testament to the power of grassroots advocacy in Florida politics. Through strategic fundraising and unwavering commitment to liberty principles, the LCF is poised to reshape the political landscape in Florida for years to come.

Let’s restore the Republic, one liberty-minded candidate at a time.

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