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Senate President Elect Ben Albritton

Dear Senate President Elect Ben Albritton,

I am writing on behalf of the Republican Liberty Caucus Board Members to express our profound gratitude for the opportunity to meet with you recently. Your willingness to engage in a candid discussion about the Florida 2024 Legislative Agenda was not only enlightening but also deeply appreciated.

Your insights into the legislative process and the priorities for the upcoming session provided us with valuable perspectives. The depth of your knowledge and your commitment to serving the people of Florida were evident throughout our conversation. We are particularly grateful for your openness in addressing our questions and concerns, which has furthered our understanding of the critical issues at hand.

As we move forward, we look forward to the possibility of continued dialogue and collaboration. Your leadership and vision for Florida are vital to the advancement of our state, and we are encouraged by the potential for positive change under your guidance.

Once again, thank you for your time and for the engaging discussion. We are excited about the future of Florida and are grateful for your significant role in shaping it.

In Liberty,

Chairman Bob Sutton

National RLC Board Member

Republican Liberty Caucus - Broward

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