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Why Showing Up in Local Politics Matters:

Why Showing Up in Local Politics Matters: A Seasoned Consultant's Perspective

In the realm of politics, there's a timeless axiom that continues to hold true: those who show up, rule the game. As a seasoned candidate consultant, I've observed time and again that the most influential leaders in our communities are not always the ones with the most resources, but rather those who make their presence felt—those who show up.

All Politics Are Local

It's a common misconception that national elections are the ones that matter most. While these elections do hold significant importance, it is the local leaders who have the most direct impact on our daily lives. From deciding how our local schools are funded to determining the safety protocols in our neighborhoods, local elected officials wield a tremendous amount of influence.

The Power of Engagement

Engagement in local politics isn't just a right; it's a civic duty. Every voice needs to be heard to ensure that the leaders who take office are truly representative of their communities. This means that everyone has an important role to play, whether you're a seasoned political strategist or a first-time voter.

How to Make a Difference

1. Choose a Candidate: Research the candidates running for local office. Find one whose values and vision align with your own and commit to supporting them.

2. Attend Events: Show your support by attending campaign events. This not only boosts the morale of the candidate but also increases their visibility in the community.

3. Write Precinct Letters: Penning letters to your local precinct can sway neighbors undecided on their vote. Your personal testimonial could be the deciding factor for many.

4. Make Phone Calls: Volunteer to make phone calls on behalf of the campaign. This direct form of communication is a powerful tool for engaging and persuading voters.

5. Leverage Social Media: Use your social media platforms to share campaign events, important updates, and personal endorsements. The viral nature of social media can significantly expand the reach of your candidate.

6. Host Meet and Greets: Invite your neighbors to a meet and greet at your home. This intimate setting provides a unique opportunity for voters to interact with the candidate on a personal level.

7. Go Door Knocking: There's nothing more grassroots than knocking on doors. This face-to-face interaction can make a big difference in gathering support.

8. Donate: If you're able, giving a financial contribution helps fund the essential aspects of campaigning, from promotional materials to event spaces.


In local politics, the barrier to entry for making a substantial impact is surprisingly low, but the potential effect is profoundly high. Engaging in the political process at the local level not only helps shape the community but also strengthens the democratic fabric of our society.

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Remember, democracy thrives on participation. Choose to be part of the conversation, choose to make your voice heard, and most importantly, choose to show up.

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