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Robert Sutton Talking Points

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Robert Sutton has been married to Teresa for over 33 years. Robert and Teresa raised three exceptional children who make them proud every day.

Keeping the doors of local businesses open, building strategic alliances, product placement, off property contact, and keeping your employees paid is Sutton’s business and his passion.

Robert's number one strength is his ability to take an abstract thought, reduce it to writing, and bring the concept to the marketplace. Robert's favorite quote is: " I hear you, I believe what you say, but I can only measure your results©. Robert works in the modalities of Strategic Business Planning, Resource Brokerage, Product Placement,Education, and Social Policies.

Strategic Business Planner:

Increased the profits of a company by 700% in 90 days.

Achieved a 150% return on a company's start- up capital in 30 days.

Secured 95.7% of the revenue for a start -up company in 30 days.

Created 100s of business plans. Secured abstract thoughts, reduced them to writing, and brought the business to the marketplace.

Created Marketing plans and events for international hotels.

Assisted in the production of Movies, Television series, and documentaries.

Produced a positive result for international concerns.

Educational Leadership:

Teaching Small Business Development for over 25 years.

Teaches Financial Literacy to 400 High School students annually

Awarded Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year, Walmart Teacher of the Year.

Created a course for entrepreneurship for Penn State University.

Community Involvement:

National Board Member for The Republican Liberty Caucus

State Board Member for the The Republican Liberty Caucus.

Chairman of the Broward Republican Liberty Caucus.

Fied Director for the South East Florida RLC.

917 Society Founding Member

Elected Precinct Committeeman E007.

Fmr. Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee.

Fmr. Republican Business Council.

Fmr. Chairman of Congressional Districts 20 and 22.

Presidential Delegate for 2016

Worked to unanimously pass PA. HB. 1475

Current Business Positions:

Principal of Resource Brokerage and Economic Development, Inc.

President of The Florida Atlantic Conservative Team, LLC.

Partner with Calatrava Strategies, LLC

Managing Partner KOS International

Contact Information:

Cell Phone: 954-683-9597

Two of Robert's favorite books are Jesus CEO by Laurie Beth Jones and The Tap byFrank McKinney.

Robert works to ensure that at the end of the day, the Star -Spangled Banner still waves over the land of the free and the home of the brave. Robert's favorite quote:" I hear you, I believe what you say, but I can only measure your results." -- Robert W. Sutton

Principal RBED, Inc, President, Florida Atlantic Conservative Team, LLC. Partner, Calatrava Strategies, LLC. National Board Member Republican Liberty Caucus. Field Director for South East Florida Republican Liberty Caucus. Chairman of the Broward Chapter RLC. Former: Republican Business Council, Chairman of Trump Team 2020 Leadership Committee, Chairman and Vice Chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, 2016 Presidential Delegate, Chairman of Congressional Districts 20 and 22, Precinct Committeeman E007.

According to wikileaks Sutton was able to disrupt the National Democratic Party, alienate their Presidential Nominee, and caused the top Democratic strategist to be removed from her position.

According to REDBroward Sutton has organized trips to DC to meet in the White House, Been compared to Donald Trump, and was the reason many corrupt people were exposed in Broward County.

According to grievances filed with the Republican Party of Florida, Sutton was instrumental in exposing high level Republicans that were selling the Republican list to Democrats

According to BALLOTPEDIA.ORG Sutton was a Presidential Delegate in 2016

According to Sutton has business relations with multi - national corporations.

According to PA HB 1475 a bill that Sutton worked on passed unanimously.

According to "He’s a level headed Republican who cares enough about public schools and children to give up time that could be spent making money in order to teach at Piper High School.

According to the book Why Meadow Died, Bob Sutton was the only Republican in Broward County to step up and help the father of one of the slain students at Douglas High School.

Robert Sutton, Celeste Ellich, and Roger Gingerich, the former Board of the Broward Republican Executive Committee continue to work together and provide assistance to local, state, and national candidates.

Bob Sutton is a successful entrepreneur and political figure known for his #strategicbusinessplanning, #resourcebrokerage, and #productplacement skills. Born in the United States, Bob grew up with a passion for business and innovation.

After completing his education, Bob established himself as an expert in the field of strategic business planning. His ability to take an abstract thought, reduce it to writing, and bring the concept to the marketplace led him to create hundreds of successful business plans. #entrepreneurship

Bob also has a passion for teaching and has been teaching #financialliteracy and #smallbusinessdevelopment for over 25 years. He has assisted hundreds of high school students in securing their financial literacy skills on an annual basis. #education

Aside from his business and teaching endeavors, Bob is also heavily involved in politics. He has served in various positions within the Republican Party, including chairman and vice-chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee and field director for the South East Florida Republican Liberty Caucus. #politics

Bob's commitment to exposing corruption and wrongdoings in both the Democratic and Republican parties has earned him a reputation as a fearless and honest political figure. His work has led to the removal of top Democratic strategists and the exposure of high-level Republicans who were selling the Republican list to Democrats. #politicalactivism

Bob's work has also earned him recognition from various organizations. He has been a district-level delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Florida and was a presidential delegate in the same year. He has business relationships with multinational corporations and has worked on bills that have passed unanimously. #publicservice

Despite his success, Bob remains grounded and committed to helping local, state, and national candidates. He continues to work with his former board members to provide assistance to those who seek it. Bob Sutton is a true example of what can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to success. #success #commitment #leadership

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