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Bring me back some money please

Lesson Title: "From Lyrics to Financial Wisdom: Exploring Money Management and Success"

Grade Level: High School

Objective: Students will analyze the lyrics of Jay-Z's song "On to the Next One" to understand themes of financial success, multiple income streams, personal growth, and the protection of property rights. Through discussions, activities, and reflections, students will develop financial literacy skills aligned with Florida's Sunshine State standards and C Palms standards, while also exploring the relationship between the 4th and 15th Amendments and property rights.

Duration: 3 class periods (45-60 minutes each)


Printed lyrics of the song "On to the Next One" by Jay-Z

Projector or whiteboard

Handouts for activities

Computers or tablets for research (optional)

Copies of the Florida Sunshine State standards for financial literacy

Copies of the C Palms standards for financial literacy

Lesson Plan:

Day 1: Financial Success and Multiple Income Streams

Introduction (10 minutes): Begin by discussing the importance of financial literacy and its role in achieving success. Introduce the song lyrics as a way to explore different perspectives on wealth and money management.

Lyric Analysis (25 minutes): Provide students with printed lyrics or display them on a projector. Play the song while students follow along with the lyrics. After the song, lead a class discussion:

Ask students to identify lines that emphasize the importance of having multiple income streams.

Discuss how the artist's perspective aligns with the concept of financial diversification.

Small Group Discussion (15 minutes): Divide students into small groups and assign each group specific lyrics to analyze. Ask groups to identify and discuss how those lyrics relate to the idea of having multiple ways to earn money.

Group Presentations (15 minutes): Have each group present their analysis, focusing on how the lyrics convey the idea of diversifying income streams.

Day 2: Financial Growth and Ongoing Education

Recap (10 minutes): Briefly review the concepts discussed in the previous lesson, especially the importance of multiple income streams.

Discussion: Lifelong Learning (20 minutes): Lead a discussion about the artist's emphasis on avoiding being "stuck on stupid" and the importance of ongoing education for financial growth. Discuss how continuous learning can lead to better financial decisions and opportunities.

Activity: Ongoing Education Plan (25 minutes): Have students create a plan for their own ongoing education to enhance their financial literacy. They can identify resources, workshops, online courses, or other learning opportunities that align with their interests and career goals.

Day 3: Property Rights, Amendments, and Financial Literacy

Recap (10 minutes): Review the themes of the previous lessons, including multiple income streams and ongoing education.

Discussion: Property Rights and Amendments (25 minutes): Introduce the concepts of the 4th and 15th Amendments and how they relate to property rights. Discuss how these amendments protect personal property and economic freedom.

Activity: Property Rights Analysis (20 minutes): Provide students with scenarios related to property rights and financial decisions. Have them analyze how the 4th and 15th Amendments might come into play in those scenarios.

Reflection and Application (15 minutes): Ask students to reflect on how understanding property rights and amendments can impact their financial decision-making. Discuss how this knowledge can empower them to protect their assets and make informed choices.


Participation in class discussions, group activities, and presentations.

Quality of small group analysis and presentations.

Completion of the ongoing education plan activity.

Depth and insight in the property rights analysis.

Homework (Optional): Assign students to research examples of individuals who have leveraged multiple income streams to achieve financial success. They can present their findings in the next class or write a short essay about their chosen example.

Extension (Optional): Explore other songs or pieces of media that convey messages related to financial literacy, property rights, or economic freedom. Compare and contrast these messages with those in "On to the Next One."

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